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Why work with us?

  • Our team guides you through the entire mortgage process to make sure you’re happy with one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever make.
  •  We’re your personal mortgage advocate!
  •  Let us help you find the right loan with the lowest payment.
  •  & close on your home faster and for less money.
  •  We can get you into your home in 20 days or less!
  •  Choose the best product out of hundreds of options to suit YOUR needs.

You get to choose

  • Unlike the bank you use for your checking account or giant retail lenders, we have access to more loan options that can lead to lower monthly mortgage payments!

  • Guarantee Mortgage let you choose from the thousands of loan options available for your unique situation.

Our Location:

We’re located in College Station, Texas

We do loans across the Great State of Texas!

Our rates are lower than the big banks.

Attention Realtors:

Want to help your buyers secure a lower monthly house payment? Partner with Guarantee Mortgage! We have access to hundreds of wholesale rates and loan options to find your clients the best home loan whatever their situation.
Guarantee Mortgage’s fast and simple loan process means your buyers get a low wholesale rate, plus fewer closing costs paid out-of-pocket. Message us for more info!

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